Web Inspection Solutions

At miip, we offer the highest quality parts and services in our innovative, custom designed inspection equipment. We support high-end printing and packaging operations with precision components to increase company productivity and ensure customer satisfaction.

The miipStrobe LED Stroboscope

The miipStrobe is an industrial, heavy duty LED stroboscope that generates an unbelievable amount of pleasant and bright, white light for operators that need to quickly inspect their print and cut quality.

(NEW) The miipCam Mini Web Viewer

The most compact web viewer on the market for your register control and visual inspection needs.
Supports all features of our high-end miipCam viewer.

The miipCam web Viewer

The miipCam web viewer is a print operator's best friend for precise register control and quick visual inspection. It is feature rich, affordable and meant for companies that want to be more productive.